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Stagger Lee Pittman

There seems to be alot of stuff about me that i dont know. If you would like to share stories or music with me please send it to Stagger Lee
1208 N. Kentucky
Roswell, NM 88201

barbara sims

I was in N. O when Archibald was playing and I heard him, but I can't recall where. Do you know where he worked? thanks. BS

Amy Taras

Is this Stagger from Ruidoso?? if it is im looking for ya!

Jerry James

I drove from my Home in Claremont, CA. to Los Angeles the summer of 1950 to buy the 78 as you could'nt get it except in stores that had "Sepia" recordings. Love it. A disc Jockey in So. Cal Bill Gardner has the original and I recorded Part one years ag. Bill has most all of the early R&B and played on a show on NPR twenty years ago.Sadly they replaced show with talk. The voice on that recording sounds different, but the piano the same. Thanks again Jerry

Will Callahan

do you have a full list of the lyrics for Archibald's version?
at least for part 2?

I'm a senior in high school, in a independent study class focused on blues, and for my semester project, i'm singing this song for the school along with our school's jazz band, who will be playing from my lead sheet/arrangement.


Stack O'

The best are the oldest lyrics.


Melvin Tharpe

Att: Barbara Sims re: remember where he worked in N.O. He (Archibald AKA Leon) played as Leon at Ciro's Slave Bar in the Quarter in 1947. I used to sit in with him and tried to get him to cut Stack 0 Lee for me. He later went public with it. As far as I know, he was the FIRST to record it ! HOwever, his version (piano/vocal) was not a hit.

Jeff Mason

I'm very late to the party, but the proprietor in New Orleans either lied to you or was misinformed. I have Stack-A-Lee from Archibald (taken from the master tapes) on CD from a Dave Bartholomew compilation (since he produced the session) called "The Spirit Of New Orleans - The Genius of Dave Bartolamew". Of course this CD collection is now long out of print. The curious thing is while it claims to be "Stack-A-Lee Parts 1 & 2", it appears to only be part 2 followed by a fast instrumental boogie. No idea how this mistake was made but the instrumental is a great little track (I'm just missing part 1!).


With reference to the mystery instrumental boogie on the Bartholomew CD, I have an acetate/lacquer of Archibald's "Stack-a-Lee" pt 2. On the flip is an unrelated instrumental - I wonder if it's the same one that appears by accident on the CD. The track is called "Rennies Boogie" and is credited to the Count Boss Combo. I'll be adding it to my YouTube channel in the near future (user name: Loma Russ). If any reader is subsequently able to confirm that it is the same track on the CD, provide any insight into the combo or how the track came to be on the flip of the Archibald recording, that would be appreciated.

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